Lego Dark Souls

A collection of Dark Souls inspired Lego creations lovingly built by Allison Baker.

Where is my Lego Bat - Shark Repellant when I need it?
Work in progress of my Tomb Of the Giants build.
Made for my friend’s graduation from Indiana University East today!

Support the troops!   

Wanted to give a plug to my good friends over at They are raising money for their podcast network on Patreon so if you can spare it I strongly encourage you to toss them a few bucks a month. I will be a guest on their Dark Souls podcast soon so you can look forward to that as well!

400+ followers!

Thanks to everyone who follows, likes, and re-blogs my picture I now have over 400 followers! I never expected to get this popular. Things have been pretty busy for me lately but I should have some great new things coming up soon! Keep an eye on your feeds and keep sharing my posts and let’s see if we can’t get to 500 followers! Thanks again everyone.

But sometimes they turn out better than others! #Hellkite
They can’t all be prize winning shots.
Made this little Batman car.
The original unedited shot I used for the Magma Mansion post card.

Anonymous said: Can you please make a Priscilla? I also want to see the Pursuer, Last Giant, and Flexile Sentinel!

Working on The Last Giant now. Thanks for the suggestions!

Working on The Last Giant. Here he is sitting on the job.
My local Wal-Mart had the Lego Simpsons blind bags in stock. This is my haul.
Which boss from Dark Souls 2 should I build first?